Friday, July 13, 2012

no expression

 i'm at my mom's place for a little bit, visiting pennsylvania for artsfest.
the shorts are from urban, so is the tank top but i got it probably like three years ago. headband is from topshop and the scarf is pretend mcqueen. DESIGNER KNOCKOFFS NOOOOO

 i really like the print of this top. it's like bird biology or something. if i were to become an animal biologist (zoologist?) i would wear this shirt to tests and cheat off it.
actually, i think my sister commandeered it because we found it in my mom's place and i hadn't seen it n ages. but oh well it is mine again!


anton belardo said...

hope you have fun at ze artiest!!

kisses A.

Shybiker said...

Very cute. Have fun!

Laura Morrigan said...

ooh bird anatomy shirt! cool! want it!

the scarf also looks cool, I like how it's so big and a bit see through. It looks a bit like something Stevie Nicks might wear.

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