Monday, August 27, 2012

california isn't big enough for me

 today was the first day of classes!
well, actually, it still is the first day of classes. i've gone to one of two i have today. 
and yes i did dye my hair again. it's a different red! that has not been done before!
i wish it was a little brighter, but i'm pretty happy with it.

 i decided to go simple and black today, with minimal jewelry. i think people tend to overdo it on the first day of classes and i didn't want that to happen.

Friday, August 24, 2012

i've been putting out fire with gasoline


hehehehe but seriously. i have z e r o body issues.
 i'm embracing the final days of summer in a def leppard shirt and urban renewal shorts. 

 oh and i have a new fish. his name is fire lord zuko. he's a therapy fish--my counselor recommended that i get a pet and a fish is all i can really have in my apartment (i wish i could have cats again, but that was sort of hell on earth last time and now they're with my ex and he has roommates in a much bigger apartment so i'm sure they're happier). i like him a lot! i know i'm going to get super attached, because that's what i do. i already almost had a heart attack because he didnt eat for a couple days, but it turned out that he was just cold. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

girly stuff

 on days when i just feel like i need a little bit of extra me time i like to do this--it's a japanese charcoal-based face mask. i promise it's not some sort of racist thing!
charcoal is meant to pull out impurities in the pores or something like that. i have extremely troubled skin, very acne-prone, and while it's improved significantly recently with the help of some expensive dermatology i find that these kinds of treatments do help.
here is an amazon link to the product. i think it works really well--and it's fun to peel off once it dries!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

and now for something completely different!

...yeah i don't usually wear pants

like, ever


Friday, August 17, 2012

california uber alles

here are a few of the bazillion photos i took during my recent visit with my family to california.

 oo heaven is a place on earth
 i always take these shadow pictures when i visit disney, i don't know why.
 flamingos at our hotel
 a sprinkle candy apple. it looked really good but the white chocolate was nasty :/ i ended up taking off the shell and just eating the apple :)
 i found the worst sunglasses ever!
 my sister and i in front of the castle making awful faces
again, awful faces 
 i thought these eels kind of looked like mermaid man and barnacle boy
this actually wasn't in california--my friend took this picture of me a while ago, but i think it's amazing. 
i did a lot of this when i was in pennsylvania after returning from california--made shrinky dinks. these are appa from the last airbender, he's my favourite character in the series. although i also really like mai and am considering cosplaying as her for new york comic con. brownie points if any of you know what i'm talking about :)
this isn't all of the ones i made, but it's a lot of 'em--randy marsh, chef, stan, kyle, kenny, and cartman from south park, two versions of appa, hercules & meg, merida from brave, esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame, and pocahontas. all of them (except randy, who was for a friend) have holes in them so i can string them on a necklace, but i haven't found appropriately sized jump rings yet. 

i hope you guys all had a great summer, and if school is approaching for any of you like it is for me, i hope you're looking forward to the new year! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

baby detonate for me

 it's my first day back in the city and it is raining! so, sorry for the rain face. i got the raincoat at urban outfitters on sale about a month ago and it has since come in very handy.
 it also has a ginormous hood.
 the top is from forever 21, i bought it ages ago and didn't wear it for about a month after i got it and now i can't stop wearing it. it goes so well with high waisted stuff. the skirt is from american apparel.
the coat you can see hanging in these pictures is from goodwill. 

the friendship and string bracelets are old, but the other three are new--the turtle mood bracelet is from the san diego zoo, as is the green one with the metal plate, which has a lion etched on it. the princess charm bracelet is from disneyland, although it also has tinker bell on it, and i don't really like tinkerbell nor do i consider her a princess. oh well xx 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

just like heaven

 someone told me today i looked like a flower girl for the Cure.
i don't think the Cure need any flower girls, but it was still one of the best complements i have ever received. 


Saturday, August 11, 2012

barely even human

 hey hey hey i'm back at my mom's for a few days before returning to my home and starting school once again!

this dress was on clearance at hot topic in LA and i'm in love with it. 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

working out

 hey mice! just got back from the gym. i'm starting to really get into my groove i think in terms of exercise. this is what i wear to work out. 
the bra is from foot locker and the patti smith shirt is from h&m (weird, right?)
i wear shorts, too, of course. i'll show those off later though. for now i just wanted to update you guys and ask you a question!
 my ipod has very few songs on it right now, and i'm looking for some really good "work out" music. what do you guys listen to to get you motivated?
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