Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm sweet and i'm twisted, like a koeksister

hnghh. i wish.
shirt: forever 21, probably like $20 or less. i am not a huge fan of forever 21 because of their whole catholicism bent, but this reminded me a bit of mcqueen and i had to have it.
skirt: from express. speaking of express, i love this.
nylons: drugstore, $6 for three pairs
title: from wat pomp by die antwoord. here

Sunday, September 26, 2010

my heart's a tart, your body's rent

dress - charlotte russe, on sale for probably around $10. it came as a set (the opaque one and the lace one) and was sewn together at the shoulder straps but i did some minor plastic surgery so i could wear them separately... and took off the tag, because whoever decided it was ok to put clothing tags on sheer items is a total asshole.
also i realize visible bra straps are totally gauche and whatnot, i fixed them with a paperclip (yeah yeah ghetto) before i went out.
i didn't really know my elbow could bend like that.
necklace: $5 from a street vendor.
i was wondering if we could just bring back the nineties? that wonderful gothy dark heroin-chic (and no, i am not thin enough to effectively pull off heroin-chic but the sentiment is there).

title: from every you every me by placebo. i am fucking obsessed with placebo. all i listen to is placebo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baby, did you forget to take your meds?

necklace: vintage, was a birthday gift this year.
giant hairbow: h&m, $6.
i'm sure you're sick of seeing this dress (yes i wash it before wearing it i just really like it) so this post is mostly about accessories.
exclusively actually.
why do i always forget to wear earrings?
jacket: obey, on sale for $60 or so, at urban outfitters a few months ago but no longer being sold, i guess. it's a guy's jacket, i like it cos it's huuuge.

title: from meds by placebo. i am fucking obsessed with placebo.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

kind of buzz that lasts for days, had some help from insect ways. comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy.

dress: h&m $20 last seen here
time turner necklace: borders last seen here
socks: urban outfitters, probably around $16
shoes: strawberry
title: from nancy boy by placebo

Friday, September 17, 2010

she's the last of the english roses

dress: probably like $20 from h&m
bracelets: three for $5, from street market, outlined in this post
title: from last of the english roses by peter doherty.
he is wonderful.
you can see the video for it here

Thursday, September 16, 2010

who needs love when there's law and order? and who needs love when there's southern comfort? and who needs love at all?

dress: j.crew brand but bought at a thrift store in a $5 bag sale. i had A LOT of items in that bag so this dress probably ended up being like $.50. not bad.
necklaces: "i <3 my cat" from metro boutique in state college PA, $18. time turner necklace around $9 from borders.
tights: i have literally no idea where these came from. i found them in my drawer today and thought i'd wear them. my tights usually cost from $8-$10 though.
title: from amanda palmer's leeds united.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it might destroy me, but i'd sacrifice my body if it meant i'd get the jack part out.

it is so rare that i wear long sleeves, especially with a neckline like this, but it's cold as balls out and i didn't feel like matching tights to anything today.
closeup of sleeve detail and stag beetle necklace.
dress: $5.99 (or less, i seem to remember that it was 50% off or in a buy-one-get-one sale or something but i can't be sure) from goodwill
necklace: $5 from a street vendor
title: from half jack by the dresden dolls, who i am going to see play on halloween (!!) they're my favourite band pretty much of all time and i've seen them a few times and seen amanda palmer (the singer) solo more times but they're finally together again and i am so happy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

thats a lousy life for the washed up wife of a permanently plastered, pissed up bastard

lace-shoulder dress from h&m, i want to say it was like $17.99 or something. i wear a lot of black dresses. also my hips are massive. i used to hate that, but now i don't. i don't love it, but i don't know why i'd hate something i so completely can't change, so there's that.
title: from baddie's boogie by babyshambles.
i'm wearing the same boots from strawberry. i love them but i'm not so sure about the quality, i'm afraid that if i wear them on a daily basis like i have been doing they'll fall apart soon.
these are the sunglasses i was talking about in my other post, didn't post a picture of them. i don't know where my brain is at sometimes. i'm obsessed with them. i have the same style in tortoise frames (these ones) and black.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

fashions night out-fit

so yes, i'm cheating a bit because fashion's night out was last night, but it was fabulous. this was taken when i got back (quite late) and i was tired so i started taking off my accessories before i remembered to take a picture. and i didn't get my shoes, oops.
dress: h&m from a while ago, i think it was around $20
hair: done up in one of my two default hair styles (the other one is just loose) with 8 mini claw clips
necklace and rings: real bug jewelry from bazaar outside of central park a few weeks ago, each piece was i think around $5.
shoes: strawberry boots from last night's post.
lipstick: va va violet by revlon, $8
these are the bracelets i wore. the bug ones i'm sure will show up a lot, they are some of my favourite accessories. they cost $10 each at a place whose name escapes me in champaign, illinois. the blue rhinestone was from a street stand on 6th on the way to koreatown, and was also $10.

recoil and grace

this is the first post sooo i guess a little about me? i go to school in nyc but i'm from state college, pennsylvania which in my opinion is a little bit of a hellhole. i love new york. i'm majoring in literature and creative writing and i like clothes but i don't like fashion per se. i like nineties and sixties and eighteen hundreds, and i like to dress how i like to dress which can be trendy but doesn't have to be. i love reading, i love nabokov (my tattoo, 'i have only words to play with', is a line from lolita). so, yeah. i don't know why i'm doing this. thought it would be nice? whatever. here we go.

i just got these bracelets for five dollars, they were two each and i was going to buy two and the lady said 'three for five' and ohhkay. they're from a street market that's going on right now really close to where i live, on third street.

oof. i wasn't going to buy any until i saw this one. if anyone reads this you'll eventually discover that i am a huge fucking anglophile.
this one i like because i love new york, i love my city. sorry it's backwards i will deal with those things if i keep this bullshit up.

yeah, sorry about my face. i ran into the wall while i was taking that.
dress: h&m, last year... don't remember how much it was but they don't have it anymore.
scarf: vintage from a rag and bone sale. they're the one place i miss most about living in state college. $1
shoes: strawberry. i was surprised, i went in there not expecting to find anything i liked. they were like $40.
sunglasses: $5 two-for-one from a really great store on 6th i believe, between 11th and 12th? don't quote me on that. it's right by my school.
hairclip: h&m. $5ish for three.
title: from the smashing pumpkins' the beginning is the end is the beginning

i'm going to apologize straight up for some things that i do feel the need to apologize for, and state a few things that i don't feel the need to apologize for. real sorrys first:
have not showered, and laundry day, hence gross hair and hastily-assembled outfit.
now. i am six feet tall and i am not all that thin and honestly i dont have great cheekbones and whatever. but i'm happy about that. so i'm just going to talk about clothes now and... you'll get over it.

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