Thursday, December 6, 2012

i'm going off the rails on a crazy train!

 so my internet is back! i'm a little on edge about it though because time warner says there's still an outage so every time a website is slow to load i'm like 'ohgod it's gone again i'll never have internet again' but then it comes back which is a bit of a relief.
i have a lot to catch up on, internetwise, including commenting on all of your lovely blogses and stealing the ring back from those filthy hobbitses just kidding
but mostly i've been watching supernatural and american horror story and american psycho (i read the book while my internet was down--funny how much reading i got done actually--and really quite disliked it, even though i rather like the movie, so i'm watching the film again to compare)
sorry my makeup is smudgy, i was having an all-out cryfest with my girlfriend over the tragedy that is supernatural and fan-made music videos for harry potter earlier (the foundations of our relationship) so it's a little smudgy
 yes i'm aware we're well into december
yes this is a halloween print dress
am i bovvered



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are posting again, sorry for the lack of comments lately, I always visit your blog, your outfits are great, this dress has an awesome print and you look fabulous!I love Bret Easton Ellis, when I read American Psycho many years ago I really enjoy it, but only after I watched the film I understood the 'irony' behind the whole story, I reccomend you to read Glamourama, it's amazing!

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