Tuesday, December 4, 2012

bat out of hell

 i'm sorry i've been so poor at updating. i still don't have internet. still! and time warner isn't giving me any answers. 
i want to switch providers but it's my whole building that's set up for time warner. boo.

 anyway here is something i wore to run errands the other day. freshwater pearls, meat loaf shirt, silk skirt from reminiscence on 23rd street. 

and lots of pictures because i'm really bored without my internet (i'm posting this from school, ehehehe)


Laura Morrigan said...

My boyfriend has that on his driving CD in the car, so I have the song stuck in my head a lot! I still love it, though!

You always look amazing!

Shybiker said...

Very cute. I've always been a Meatloaf fan, going back to "Rocky Horror...". The fluffy skirt looks great on you.

Meghan Edge said...

Oh gosh, you are just so cute. I love you. And Meatloaf. And meatloaf, actually. ;-)

Rakel said...


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