Saturday, November 24, 2012

there'll be peace when you are done

 i'm still at my mom's for thanksgiving. i love being home. i'm not sure i ever want to leave!
my sweater is from urban outfitters and my skirt is the UNIF nevermind skirt, which i got on sale at (unfortunately, it appears they are out of stock now).
socks are the crazy long ones from american apparel

 no make up on mah face
i've been watching supernatural for about two months now, averaging two and a half episodes a day (seriously...) and i'm almost done with the show. they're still making new episodes but i'm nearly finished with season 7 and then i'll watch what's out of season 8 and then i'll be forced to watch one episode a week like a normal human being. it's been a crazy ride.
hope you all had a great thanksgiving! i ate so much throughout the day that i ended up only having some asparagus and salad for dinner, haha!



Shybiker said...

Very cute outfit. And I'm happy you're comfy. "Home" is where you're supposed to want to be for its comfort and joy.

Meghan Edge said...

Very cute outfit! And I love that Kansas song- it's my favorite (my mom's is Dust in The Wind but that's a little sad for me).

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