Sunday, November 11, 2012

all the practice in the world won't get me good at loneliness-less-ness

 death meowtal shirt by unif from urban outfitters (on sale for like $15)
tripp pants which i rarely wear because i just don't wear pants
 wow this is my first actual outfit post in like forever and its just something i threw on to go get some groceries, haha. i have a lot of homework to do and it's sunday so that's what i'll be spending my day doing :(
i need to dye my hair again but i'm having sort of a crisis about it. the manic panic that i've been using really doesn't last long at all, but when i use special effects the colour tends to be a lot more pink than i want it to be although it does last longer. so i'm not sure what to do!
i'm working on cleaning my apartment/closet/life and i have like three garbage bags full of clothes that i'm hoping to sell to beacon's closet... once i talk someone into helping me carry three garbage bags full of clothes to beacon's closet :)
THIS VIDEO IS NSFW, IT CONTAINS LADY NIPPLES. please don't watch it if you're in a place where that wouldn't be appropriate!



Shybiker said...

Cute outfit. Like you, I suffered from the Hurricane and only today was able to post an outfit (which, in my case, is more fantasy than reality). I hope you find just the right color for your hair. I like watching it change: you're creative with it.

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