Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i've got a bulletproof heart; you've got a hollow point smile.

 hey guys!
i'm finally done with my semester which means i should hopefully be updating more frequently. 
this is what i wore today to go christmas present shopping--tripp pants and a shirt that's actually a slip but i knotted it in the back so it'd just look like a tank top.
this necklace is a gift from one of my good friends.
if you know anything about me in real life, you know that i love the show supernatural. the necklace is in the shape of an anti-possession symbol used on the show. my friend doesn't watch the show but knows my love for it, and apparently spent a long time googling 'supernatural gifts' and 'pentagram thing supernatural' before finding this. i love it! 

 my hair is pretty faded--i'm going home to pennsylvania on thursday so i'll probably give it a dye job tomorrow.
ah, yes, my bed is a mess. my room is a mess! it's not nearly as bad as it has been known to be, though, so i'm okay with it for now. i plan to clean over break, but a lot of it's just clutter that's not going anywhere unless i throw out half of my junk. 


Meghan Edge said...

<3 that song, and you know it. :-)

I clicked over to tell you I love your necklace! I don't watch Supernatural, but I do love pentacles. Your outfit is adorable, too.

Shybiker said...

What a pretty necklace!

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