Thursday, December 13, 2012


most of the time i have one piece of jewelry that i wear every day. sometimes it's something i genuinely leave on at all times--like the string bracelets i had tied around my wrist over the summer--and sometimes it's just something i'm extra-conscious to put on every morning and i have a little oh, shit moment every time i realize i've forgotten it. 
it changes quite often, maybe even monthly--one day i just forget to wear the bracelet or the ring or the necklace, and then i keep forgetting to wear it, and pretty soon i've found something else i want to wear every day, and so i do.
right now it's this ankh ring, which is from egypt. it's very simple and pretty but i love it so much, it has a lot of meaning because not only does it mean life and resemble very much the female symbol, it's also the sigil of the character death from neil gaiman's sandman series, which has been so important to me over the years. 
death wears the ankh around her neck, and it's one of the things i've been kicking around as a new tattoo idea. it's been a year since i got my last one and i've been itching for a new one. for now, i'll keep wearing my ring, though.
do you guys have one piece that you always wear?


Anonymous said...

I like jewels, but I'm quite moody, sometime I change them everyday, sometimes I wear the same for a long time and then I completely forget about it or lost it somewhere at home. I usually prefer bracelets and anything skeletons or skull shaped, my favourite piece is a cheap silver ring with a skeleton that seems to climb around the finger.

Meghan Edge said...

I'm like that, especially with cardigans. i'll wear the same sweater for a week.

I remember being younger and it seemed everyone was wearing the ankh. I never knew what it meant but after you posted this I googled it. It would make a pretty rad tattoo.

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