Monday, December 24, 2012

oh mistletoe

 merry merry merry christmas!
i hope you're having a good holiday!
i'm getting to spend it with my friends and my mom and sister and the cat in pennsylvania and it's lovely and snowy and we've just driven 20 miles just to rent love actually

 we decorated me a bit along with the tree


Thursday, December 20, 2012

i'm not dead, i only dress that way

 i really like how my hair turned out! it's true red leaning more towards orange than pink.
i'm set to take the megabus to visit my mom & sister & all my lovely friends in pennsylvania and i have such a tendency to overpack that i subscribe to the 'wear as much as possible while traveling' school of thought so i don't have to put as much in my suitcase. i'm actually wearing a second skirt under this dress, but you can't really tell. you can, however, tell that i've overloaded a little bit on the jewelry!

i'm on a bit of a my chemical romance kick lately, thanks to meg from meg's ragged edge (that's a link--go visit her!) who told me about their new songs--i think boy division might be my favourite.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

special effects vs manic panic

after my first-ever dye job, using manic panic in pillarbox red 
special effects in nuclear red 
special effects in devilish. i really wish my hair was still this long! 

ive been dyeing my hair red (with small intervals of other colours) for more than two years now, and i've learned some things about the process. i get a lot of questions--more frequently in real life than on here--about what i do to it/what kind of dye i use and why so i thought i'd just make a big post rather than pack for winter break.
i've used three colours consistently throughout my hair dyeing career: special effects in nuclear red and devilish, and manic panic in pillarbox red. 
pillarbox red was the first colour i ever used in my hair (besides that time in 8th grade when i dyed some purple over my natural brown but you couldn't really tell anything was different) and i started off with it because manic panic is sort of the most well-known brand of fantasy colour hair dye out there. i really liked the result, obviously, because here i am years later still dyeing my hair bright red! there are pros and cons to each of the brands and colours:
manic panic-pillarbox red
  • a very true, bright, orange-based red
  • comes in that tub thing which is really easy to use 
  • fades to an orangey colour that i actually quite like
  • doesn't leave much of a mess; comes off of most surfaces quite easily (including skin)
  • fades quite quickly, after only a few washes
  • although it is bright, it's not all that...vibrant, if that makes sense

special effects-devilish
  • looks amazing directly after dyeing, probably my favourite immediate colour payoff
  • lasts quite a long time 
  • comes in those awful squeeze bottles that are a pain in the ass to use especially when you've got dye all over your hands
  • after the first wash, looks really more pink than red
  • stains skin pretty badly, and most surfaces as well
  • the water will run pink/red when showering for a few weeks which can stain (i've learned not to take a bath with special effects in my hair within at least a few weeks of dyeing it, because it will stain the tub--usually with a shower it's not much of a problem because the water goes down the drain too quickly for it to stain, but in the bath it can be a problem both with the water and if i lean my head against the side of the tub and it's really hard to get off)

special effects-nuclear red
  • a very bright red that doesn't look pink at all
  • lasts much longer than manic panic

  • most of the same cons as devilish, except the problem with fading (the squeeze bottle and the staining are problematic as is the shower thing)
  • a little bit darker than i'd really like--it's not quite bloodred but it leans a little more in that direction than do the other colours

basically, i still have no idea what i actually like the most. it's on my mind because i dyed my hair today--i used a combination of nuclear red and pillarbox red, which isn't something i've tried before. 
so far it looks like this, which i actually quite like, but as you can tell my hair is still wet and i can never really gauge how nice a colour looks until it's dry. i used an entire tub of pillarbox red first and then combed in some of the nuclear red over it--i hope it turns out well, because then maybe i can stick to it!

do any of you dye your hair--fun colours or natural ones? what's your favourite brand?


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i've got a bulletproof heart; you've got a hollow point smile.

 hey guys!
i'm finally done with my semester which means i should hopefully be updating more frequently. 
this is what i wore today to go christmas present shopping--tripp pants and a shirt that's actually a slip but i knotted it in the back so it'd just look like a tank top.
this necklace is a gift from one of my good friends.
if you know anything about me in real life, you know that i love the show supernatural. the necklace is in the shape of an anti-possession symbol used on the show. my friend doesn't watch the show but knows my love for it, and apparently spent a long time googling 'supernatural gifts' and 'pentagram thing supernatural' before finding this. i love it! 

 my hair is pretty faded--i'm going home to pennsylvania on thursday so i'll probably give it a dye job tomorrow.
ah, yes, my bed is a mess. my room is a mess! it's not nearly as bad as it has been known to be, though, so i'm okay with it for now. i plan to clean over break, but a lot of it's just clutter that's not going anywhere unless i throw out half of my junk. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


most of the time i have one piece of jewelry that i wear every day. sometimes it's something i genuinely leave on at all times--like the string bracelets i had tied around my wrist over the summer--and sometimes it's just something i'm extra-conscious to put on every morning and i have a little oh, shit moment every time i realize i've forgotten it. 
it changes quite often, maybe even monthly--one day i just forget to wear the bracelet or the ring or the necklace, and then i keep forgetting to wear it, and pretty soon i've found something else i want to wear every day, and so i do.
right now it's this ankh ring, which is from egypt. it's very simple and pretty but i love it so much, it has a lot of meaning because not only does it mean life and resemble very much the female symbol, it's also the sigil of the character death from neil gaiman's sandman series, which has been so important to me over the years. 
death wears the ankh around her neck, and it's one of the things i've been kicking around as a new tattoo idea. it's been a year since i got my last one and i've been itching for a new one. for now, i'll keep wearing my ring, though.
do you guys have one piece that you always wear?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

i'm going off the rails on a crazy train!

 so my internet is back! i'm a little on edge about it though because time warner says there's still an outage so every time a website is slow to load i'm like 'ohgod it's gone again i'll never have internet again' but then it comes back which is a bit of a relief.
i have a lot to catch up on, internetwise, including commenting on all of your lovely blogses and stealing the ring back from those filthy hobbitses just kidding
but mostly i've been watching supernatural and american horror story and american psycho (i read the book while my internet was down--funny how much reading i got done actually--and really quite disliked it, even though i rather like the movie, so i'm watching the film again to compare)
sorry my makeup is smudgy, i was having an all-out cryfest with my girlfriend over the tragedy that is supernatural and fan-made music videos for harry potter earlier (the foundations of our relationship) so it's a little smudgy
 yes i'm aware we're well into december
yes this is a halloween print dress
am i bovvered


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

bat out of hell

 i'm sorry i've been so poor at updating. i still don't have internet. still! and time warner isn't giving me any answers. 
i want to switch providers but it's my whole building that's set up for time warner. boo.

 anyway here is something i wore to run errands the other day. freshwater pearls, meat loaf shirt, silk skirt from reminiscence on 23rd street. 

and lots of pictures because i'm really bored without my internet (i'm posting this from school, ehehehe)
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