Monday, September 10, 2012

it doesn't matter if you want it back, you've given it away.

 i recently went and spent almost $100 on three pieces of jewelry at topshop. this is a lot for me--but i really loved the pieces. i'm wearing one of them, the choker, here. 
 the black velvet dress is from beacon's closet, if memory serves i got it for $12. 
my mom got me the leather jacket for my birthday and it hasn't yet been appropriate to wear it. i really love it, though, and it's getting kind of chilly here in nyc, so i'm sure i'll get to wear it lots!

i love this woman. i'm going to see her in concert tomorrow--it'll be the 7th or 8th time, but the 1st time without my mother, who has to teach and can't come to the city to accompany me :c



Laura Morrigan said...

You look great! I need a decent choker.

I am jealous that amanda isn;t coming to Australia on her tour! :(

Shybiker said...

Wonderful choker. Nice dress. Cool jacket. Boy, aren't you the pinnacle of fashion!

Anonymous said...

Yep, 100 is a lot, but if you really like it and you can do it, then why not?! You only live once. I love the whole outfit btw.

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