Friday, September 14, 2012

amanda palmer and the grand theft of my heart

here are some crappy cell phone pictures of amanda palmer. some are from tuesday night's webster hall show, others are from other times i've seen her (there are three shows represented here). i've seen amanda in various incarnations i think eight or nine times since i was thirteen. i am twenty now.
tuesday's show was the first time i went without my mom. she had to work.
this is what i wore.

amanda is such a huge part of my life. i don't know how i'd have made it through the end of middle school and the entirety of high school without her & the dresden dolls. i feel so lucky that i've been able to see her and meet her and be a part of her fan base throughout all the amazing things that have happened to me and to her--when she married my favourite author, when the dresden dolls broke up and then got back together, and when i met her and her husband (the incredible author neil gaiman) at their kickstarter party in brooklyn a few months ago. really, i'm so glad to have been able to grow and learn with the help of her music, and i hope to see her again in concert very soon. 



Anonymous said...

OMG great pictures, you were so close...I love them even if they are a little blurry!!I like the twin costumes of the ukulele girls and your outfit is just perfect, I think that I'm going to dream to have that same skirt!
Lots of love

Laura Morrigan said...

So jealous how often you have seen her and that you have seen the Dolls play. They were a real influence to me at the end of high school too.

Shybiker said...

I'm so glad you have Amanda in your life. I had a few musicians with similar importance to me, years ago. (I have almost identical photos of Patti Smith when she played at my college.) Music can speak to us in deep ways.

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