Saturday, May 4, 2013

friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation

 if you know me, you know i love south park. i'll argue south park is better than any animated show (besides maybe venture bros) until i'm blue in the face. 

so i decided to make this shirt decoration thing (i call him boob stan). stan is one of my favourite characters (i also like kyle, we have more in common because he's jewish) and i was inspired by this amazing shirt that paloma faith wore on never mind the buzzcocks:
...which i've been coveting since i saw the episode, so i decided to make my own version. he's not as cross eyed as he looks! he's just a little folded over.
i'm not entirely sold on how well it turned out, and i think next time i'd sew his face on a little bit higher to get the "sleeve" effect like on paloma's blouse. i couldn't do that to this one, though, because the straps are so thin--and it's no biggie, really, since it's only a 99 cent salvation army tank top+some scrap fabric. i might try to repeat this project now that i know a bit more what i want to be doing. 
anyway this is what i'm doing because my iron has broken in the middle of making a big batch of stencil shirts, which fucking sucks, so instead of working on my finals (which would, of course, be a more productive use of my time) this is what i've been doing instead. 



Shybiker said...

So cute! I love "South Park" -- it's clever and makes me laugh.

Thera Joyce said...

AWWW! This shirt is too cute! Great job lady! Thanks a bunch for the comment on my blog. I've missed everyone! I'm hoping to be able to write all the time now. :)))))

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