Monday, August 29, 2011

these girls fall like dominoes

i fucked with my hair again. classes start tomorrow (they were meant to start today but the hurricane shut down subways and while i can walk to class many of my classmates can't, so yes thats what happened) so i was like let's do this. blue in my bangs, purple in my ends.
blue is manic panic atomic turquoise, red is (as usual) special effects in devilish. purple is the two mixed.
doc martens, customized w harry potter things. (my legs are not noodles, i'm not wearing them in this shot)
i'm such a pansy when it comes to wearing docs. i love them but they hurt so much until you break them in, and usually i wanna give up before they're broken in. i've had these since the winter and only recently started wearing them regularly.

hat - disney world
shirt - die antwoord last seen here
skirt - leopard last seen here
"chanel" necklace was five dollars
laura palmer pin from here
bracelet from street stall

this long necklace was my grandmothers, and when my grandpa died last month my mom gave me some of her jewelry (she died years ago). it's really beautiful, and i wish she hadn't died when i was so young, because i barely remember her and clearly this woman was kind of a badass. she idolized joan of arc (her name was joan). i also have a clutch with her initials on it in gold.
my grandma had amazing taste in accessories.


Kristen said...

awesome job on your hair. i like the purple ends a lot.

mouse said...

thank you! i wasn't sure how it would turn out but i'm happy!

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