Monday, August 29, 2011

things have changed

i've re-evaluated a lot of things over the past year, since i started college. i thought i'd do a little blog-thinking about them. this might not be an interesting post but i'm sure you will skip it if you're not intrigued, and i don't mind.
  • i appreciate the 80s a lot more now
  • i have a better understanding of my capacity or lack thereof for emotional attachment
  • i realize that, although it is not easy, i can be happy without owning a cat
  • i have learned to cook
  • and to be a lot more organized
  • i lost all my sense of musical taste and then gained it again while listening to africa by toto and realized that 80s pop might be the best thing that has ever happened to both the world and my emotional state
  • i was diagnosed with depression, which helps with dealing with my feelings. i try not to use it as a scapegoat but to put a name and a reason to what i've been feeling helps a lot
  • i still have an unhealthy relationship with food
  • jo calderone is the hottest man alive
  • the new series of doctor who is underwhelming
  • harry potter means a lot more to me than i ever expected
  • i'm okay with not being cool
  • i really really like "you and i" by lady gaga. when i heard her play it at lollapalooza last year i was less than impressed
  • seeing famous people isn't really a big deal unless they are keiran culkin
  • macaulay culkin's book still speaks a lot to me
  • fuck chuck palahniuk
  • comiccon is the biggest event of the year for me


Charlie Wilkins said...

A lot of things on this list make me sad.

mouse said...

like what?

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