Thursday, January 27, 2011

i connected speakers to my suitors at the discotheques, and they don't know the difference. are they men, or are they memorex?

gratuitous-ish, but wanted to show you that i'm just wearing a bra underneath the lace. going hardcore after 19 inches of snow!
tights - urban outfitters, probably around $15, super cute and i hardly wear them and i don't know why.
bracelet - gift
top - lace "onesie" from h&m. i hate the onesie type things i know they are called leotards but come on they have snaps they are a onesie. but sometimes i just cannot resist.

velvet skirt - still debating on how much i like this. it was $7 on sale at h&m and i've been crushing on it since it was full price, but i feel like it looks kind of bulky and weird and makes my hips look even huger than they really are (which is, let me tell you, quite a feat). which is why i wore it with basically nothing on top, i figured something bulky and something minimal might go together alright.

also, i watched clueless today and that may or may not have inspired things a little bit.
title: from necessary evil by the dresden dolls, linked a live performance because they are, quite honestly, the best live artists that i know of. and i love afp.


Charlie Wilkins said...

Pretty gratuitous.

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