Tuesday, July 5, 2011

day 3

i couldn't choose, why are both of these pictures so amazing?
i've been watching doctor who for a little bit. ten was my first doctor. eleven was not my favourite at first.
then something happened.
i don't know if i've been blinded by how simply exquisite karen gillan is, or how much i want to roll arthur darvill up in a tortilla and push him down a hill (not because i don't like him, but because i do), or the fact that i'm pretty sure matt smith's cheekbones have psychic powers of their own, but i fucking love eleven.
he's wonderful and he's silly and he's brilliant.
so anyway, i'm sitting on the bathroom floor because i'm both super nauseous and super dehydrated. apparently that is the kind of combination that can lead to a second night in a row without more than 3 hours sleep.
ah well. i'll be fine again in no time!


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