Thursday, January 27, 2011

i connected speakers to my suitors at the discotheques, and they don't know the difference. are they men, or are they memorex?

gratuitous-ish, but wanted to show you that i'm just wearing a bra underneath the lace. going hardcore after 19 inches of snow!
tights - urban outfitters, probably around $15, super cute and i hardly wear them and i don't know why.
bracelet - gift
top - lace "onesie" from h&m. i hate the onesie type things i know they are called leotards but come on they have snaps they are a onesie. but sometimes i just cannot resist.

velvet skirt - still debating on how much i like this. it was $7 on sale at h&m and i've been crushing on it since it was full price, but i feel like it looks kind of bulky and weird and makes my hips look even huger than they really are (which is, let me tell you, quite a feat). which is why i wore it with basically nothing on top, i figured something bulky and something minimal might go together alright.

also, i watched clueless today and that may or may not have inspired things a little bit.
title: from necessary evil by the dresden dolls, linked a live performance because they are, quite honestly, the best live artists that i know of. and i love afp.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know major tom's a junkie.

i NEVER wear my hair like this, my bangs are a security blanket, but i decided what the hell and attempted a basket-case-from-the-breakfast-club-post-makeover sort of thing.


dress - $40ish from h&m, which is a lot for a dress (for me) but i really really liked it and i fit an extra-small so i thought because it was being all nice to me i'd buy it. h&m doesn't have a webstore :/
belt - $10ish from h&m
headband: $4.80 from forever21, here (i hate forever21 so much as a concept but its got such cheap shiiiiit)
socks: $15 from american apparel, find them here and last seen here
shoes: on clearance at target, dolce vita brand. i think i bought them for less than listed here but there they are, and they're 50% off regardless :)
title: from ashes to ashes by david bowie, one of those songs that everyone should listen to sometimes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

it's not right for young lungs to be coughing up blood

earmuffs - search and destroy vintage - $12
coat - goodwill - $20
bracelet - gift
belt - boyfriend's
skirt - from house of kashmir in state college, pa, around $20 or so
slip - forever21 - can't find online but found in most of the stores i've been to for around $15
necklace - formerly a cell phone charm from forbidden planet (slytherin crest)
title - from time for heroes, the libertines
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